New Construction

TD Electric brings our extensive construction experience to your project. Our professional staff ensures that your project's design is executed in a timely, cost effective, and safe manner. Our construction teams are lead by experienced project managers and are staffed with seasoned professionals who have extensive training and years of experience in their trades. By utilizing the latest materials and technologies of the industry and providing continual training to our employees, TD Electric will deliver your project on time, on budget, and accident free.

Additionally, our engineers can evaluate your design at your request and suggest potential areas for cost- and time-savings. If you have a project that needs electrical design, our engineers can work with your design team to provide an efficient design while maintaining your aesthetic and energy-efficiency specifications.


TD Electric is intimately acquainted with the processes of new additions and building retrofits. Our experience with such projects allows us to become an integral part of the design team and construction process. By becoming involed early in the process, TD Electric can help owners through the design-build process and ensure that their electrical requirements are fully satisfied in the completed project. By working as a team, we can help you bring your retrofit project to completion safely, without many of the problems experienced by others.

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